Skydiving FAQ's.

What type of jump would you recommend? We personally recommend tandem skydives. This is the best way to experience the sport, freefall and parachuting all in one. You only need 30 minutes training, your personal instructor does the rest. Sit back and enjoy the ride

What should I wear? Casual, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Please wear suitable footwear e.g. trainers.

Can I skydive if I’m disabled? Disability is not necessarily a barrier. For more specific information please see the “Medical Requirements” page linked from “book now”.

Can you breath in freefall? At around 120 Mph it is a tad windy.. Breathing is no problem at all, it's natural.

Do spectacles / Contact Lenses cause a problem? Not at all. We provide Goggles that protect the eyes and cover / hold your glasses in place.

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