Accelerated "Freefall" Courses (AFF)!

“You take control”. Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is without doubt the best way into the sport. It’s progressive, intensive, stimulating and safe. We take you from beginner to qualified in a minimum of 8 jumps. It starts with a minimum of 6 hours ground training in which you are taught everything you need to know.

Level 1 (jump 1), approximately 12000 Ft. It's you and two highly qualified AFF instructors. We are there to assist you in taking control. The 1st skydive lasts around 45 seconds, with you flying your body at speeds in excess of 120mph.

As the intensive course progresses, you will relax and appreciate what it's all about; awareness and control. You will need to be committed!

You can either do just Level 1 as a one off experience or the whole course. Fancy a challenge?

Available, now in both the UK and SPAIN, Call for more info!!!


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